Applehead Siamese
Applehead Siamese
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Applehead Siamese

For the perfect recipe to make a Snowshoe cat, take the splash of pointed colors with the lighter colored body coat from the Siamese, a white tuxedo look with white feet from the American Shorthair side of their ancestors and the resulting in white feet (with or without a white face), blue eyes, medium body with long legs and shorthair will produce the unique Snowshoe look. But the Snowshoe is not ‘just another pretty face’. Packed into that unique look is also a unique personality. Now add the Siamese intelligence along with many of the other Siamese traits that make the Snowshoe what it is today and the reason why it is still bred back to the Siamese to maintain that inheritance. Then add a dash of the American Shorthair to round off the edges of the body and contribute a bit of a less exotic build and personality and you are getting close to the final product. When selecting the ingredients, take care not to overwhelm the blue eyes or the pointed colors by carefully selecting a color and build that does not eliminate the look or distort the personality and you have a Snowshoe cat.

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